Agility with stability.


You want to move fast, but you don't really want to break things.

Our dynamic engineers can help you build truly maintainable cross-platform applications to meet the rapidly changing needs of your business. Find the right balance of precision and performance to satisfy your most demanding users.


Scale your application without spending a fortune.

Power your product with efficient and reliable architectures that grow as your application does. Optimize your queries, caching, and configurations to keep your servers from sweating and keep hosting costs under control.


Level up your game and tackle startup chaos head-on.

Learn practical tools and techniques to help your team respond quickly to changes and deliver quality code. Manage projects with agility, hire effective engineers, and help your business succeed!

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Brandon Konkle

Brandon Konkle

Founder, Lead Developer

I'm a web application developer with more than 8 years of experience creating usable, maintainable web applications on the front and back end. I've helped businesses create universal React architectures, high performance content platforms, lean single-page utilities, automated deployments, and agile development and testing environments.

I live with my wife and 2 kids in Broomfield, Colorado. When I'm not coding or spending time with family I enjoy reading, video & board gaming, bike riding, and hiking. Learn more about me on my blog.

Gabriel Konkle

Gabriel Konkle

Apprentice Developer

I'm the new kid on the block. Currently I'm training on the ins and outs of front end engineering. In addition to the programming expertise that I'm building, my decade of experience from the world of visual arts gives me a unique eye for UX and design. I can't wait to put that experience to good use on your project!

My wife, son, and I live in Dallas, Texas. I dabble in writing, photography, and watching a lot of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I'm also am an avid game nerd.

Recent work



Craftsy 2.0

Brandon introduced new tools and techniques that transformed the front end architecture at Craftsy. This led to a complete migration from classic JSP's and jQuery to a component-driven application structure using React and React Native. With features like server rendering, universal API interaction with data preloading, and code sharing with native platforms the team at Craftsy is ready to respond to the crafting community like never before!

The rewritten Craftsy 2.0 platform is built with Node, Connect, React, and custom universal rendering and loading middleware. It features extensive automated unit and end-to-end testing using Mocha and Geb to help ensure predictable stability. The rewrite launched smoothly in September and the team is gearing up for the holiday season!




Brandon worked with Brainspace to move their Rails-driven single-page application to a fully client-side architecture that interacts directly with their platform layer. He also introduced practices from functional programming and test driven development to help the team improve velocity and increase stability.

The new architecture is built on React, Redux, and Webpack. The dev environment includes hot reloading and Redux time travel for easy debugging and a rapid feedback loop.

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